Putting Matt aside for a moment . . .

Some exciting stuff happened yesterday in this toddler potty-training home.

Maia went all day in her big girl underwear with NO accidents! Poo and pee all in the POTTY! I can just (not) hear it now . . . no more "cha-chings" at the cash register buying diapers!!!

I thought potty training was hard with Noah; he wanted to do it when he was ready and that seemed to take for-EVER. For Maia it's been back and forth, back and forth. And that's been tiring, hard and just frustrating. But what we did was stop buying diapers all together (minus night-times) so it's not even an option and suddenly, suddenly (!) she wants to be a "big girl"!! Night time is another story, but I know we'll get there. At least there is hope. 5 years with diapers and I may may may actually be done (knock-on-wood)!! WOW. :c)

On the opposite end of the spectrum, Noah is a tiny bit sick. He isn't "acting" sick but he's been infected (very very mildly) with the Chicken Pox! (He thinks a rooster pecked him in the night!) Yes, he's had the vaccine, but there's always still the chance you can get whatever it is. And he did. Actually, most of his school has. I knew it was just a matter of time before we got it here. He has 6 spots. And he's doing fine. He can go back to school on Wednesday, pending there are no more outbreaks on him, just in time for his field trip to the zoo which his mommy is excited about :c)

Back to Matt. Susan, from WBNQ in Bloomington (101.5) has a blog and apparently she has been tracking Matt as well. She's got some great info and great pictures! And I read there that George Clooney is coming to town this weekend. (Really?! Seriously?? Oh please please!) I have a reception that I'm shooting downtown, and not till 5:00 . . . Heather and I may be doing some stalking beforehand! (It's not like we have anything better to do!) And I also read that the cute body guard who I have a few (dozen) pictures of, his name is Mark. And apparently Mark is normally Will Smith's body guard. Kinda. . . exciting :)

Off to work . . . lots of proofing to do. Check out VWC Photography's blog for the latest! (That is, if I can ever get anything done. Matt is all-consuming. He needs to leave town soon so I can get back to my REAL work!)


mama2dibs said...

Libby was totally potty trained (she's older than Maia though) and suddenly decided that she just couldn't make it most of the time. I tried making her wear diapers again and spanking her and everything else and it just wasn't working. This went on for a month! Then I finally decided to make a map with 5 days on it...every day she went mess-free, she got a sticker. At day 5, she gets to go to McD's. We are on round two and now she has to go through the map two times before the McD's trip. Next time three times, etc, etc. until she doesn't realize that the McD's trips aren't for the potty anymore. You know what? She hasn't missed once since then. :)

Erin said...

So glad that Maia's making progress in that department. It's taken a really long time for Aidan too. She goes days dry and poop-free and then all of a sudden decides it's too much work or something. I get really frustrated.

Oooh, George Clooney? Do stalk him!! I love him. It seems you are a great stalker, so I have faith in you...don't fail me now : ) But if you don't find him I'll still love you. Promise!

Alexis Jacobs said...

WTG Maia. What a big girl! Em got the Chicken Pox after she had the vaccination too. It was just more of a pain because she only got a few, yet she couldn't go anywhere and it was our finals week. I hope he enjoys his little "vacation".

George Clooney... phatttttt... whatever :-)

Angela said...

YEah...very good news in a home of a toddler

Casey said...

I had the hardest time when potty training Sami, she'd go a month with no diapers and then suddenly have accidents again, it took I think 9 months to finish potty training her, but then her little sister came home from the hospital and she was over the diapers for good