And I thought my Informant adventures were over . . .

I thought I was done with anything Informant-wise even though they were to continue filming at the courthouse in Decatur on Saturday morning. My personal "informant" called me Friday to tell me. But I had a wedding reception which I was shooting at 5:00, so I decided I didn't want to spend my entire day in Decatur just waiting in hopes of seeing someone famous. Not that waiting isn't fun, because it's one of the biggest thrills I've ever personally experienced. Maybe that says how completely boring my life is, I don't know? But still, I've really really enjoyed the past week of celebrity watching like hugely.

So I still left my house at 3:30 to meet my bestie (a.k.a. my wedding assistant), Heather, at her house before we went on to the reception. Of course on my way to Heather's I had to stop for some coffee at Starbucks. That stop really threw off my next plan. Pure craziness, I tell ya.

While sitting in Starbucks drive-thru, I see a big tour bus.
I knew it belonged to someone in the Informant. Not sure who, but I had seen it on location at the shoots. So what do I do but follow the crazy thing. It ends up downtown where they were filming at the courthouse and there I see tons of huge tents set up and all the same trailers and trucks that were there on Tuesday. First thing I see as I drive up to the taping area
So I called Heather and told her I wasn't coming to her house, asking her to please meet me downtown because I had some other important business. (hehe)

I park my car and just walk up to the tents. There are no other fans or "regular" people there but me and two other women. I see these two women standing near two men who appeared to be looking at a paper and talking. Could that be Mr. Soderbergh and Mr. Jacobs?
I walk up closer and realize it is Mr. Steve Soderbergh and Gregory Jacobs. They look up, see me, see that I have a camera and ask if I wanted a picture. I was thinking "um, yeah!", but said, "yes, please!". One of the two women standing there said "I was next!" really snottily. Hmph! Well, I'm sorry but, the nice man asked me himself! It's not like I was budging in line. Of course I let them go ahead. Mr. Soderbergh and Mr. Jacobs obviously intended to stick around for a picture for me. . . and they most certainly did! I asked some bystander to take the picture, which was a total risk, but I felt it was worth it :c) And so here it is . . .
Two very famous directors . . .
Steve Soderbergh (to my right) who is the director (and who has also won an Oscar and has directed all the Ocean's movies, Traffic, to name a few). And then on my left is Gregory Jacobs who is the producer and was the producer for all the same movies, Erin Brokovich and so many others. This moment was almost as big as Matt Damon . . . possibly bigger . . . well, maybe not? :c) Here's Mr. Director doing some taping himself:

He also signed my book for me. Heather called me a 5-letter "b" word for this one because more than anything this is what she wanted. Even though I love her, she'll have to wrestle me for it. :c)

I then decide to just wait around. In the meantime, Heather is on her way and just about there. She makes it in time to see Scott Bakula from afar and Matt Damon before he leaves. Here's Matt with a group of young girls. He really like the children which is really awesome. Doesn't he look adorable from the back?? :c)
Matt Damon . . . even adorable from the back.  Here he is done for the day.  About to leave the set. At least I got to see him one final time in person.

A few minutes later Mr. McHale comes out. He comes over to see us. Only a few of us there. A total flirt he was and so adorable. I think he is my new boyfriend :c) He asked why I was so dressed up and I said because I was about to go photograph a wedding. So he signed my book and here's what he wrote (mine's on the left):
informant001.jpgWhat he signed to another girl (funny!)
Which was much better than what he wrote to this chick (on the right). I even got a "'heart' Joel" on mine. :c) He signs my book for me . . .He squeezes me.  Yep, he's my new boyfriend :c)
He squeezes me. Yep, he's my new boyfriend.
Heather gets there in time to meet Joel, too!! Heather and Joel.

What a fantasy brought to life all of that was. It really was incredible. I wish more of my friends could have been there with me, really truly. But now it's time to get back to reality. The crew of the Informant are now on their way to Springfield, IL for 2 days of taping and then on to Hawaii (Oahu, actually) to finish. What a great way to end filming, eh?! The actual movie comes out next March. I absolutely cannot wait, and even if the premiere isn't here, you can guarantee I'll be going to the movies in a red carpet dress anyways.

Thanks for sharing in this adventure with me. I've loved the enthusiasm you've all had for me . . . with me. :c) Now back to my life.

(You can see more of my pictures from yesterday at my flickr account.)


Louise said...

WOW that is quite the finishing touch!!
That is SOO awesome! I am incredibly pumped for you, wish I could have been there ;)
Have a great week and hopefully getting back to 'normal' life isn't too much of a downer!!

Alexis Jacobs said...

What a perfect ending to a fairy tale story :)

LiLi said...

Val, he's such a cutie... he makes a great boyfriend on the side! lol His little note to you... quite flirtatious! ;) Awww, I'm so glad you got to go for it one last time... You done good girl! (sorry, southern talk just pops out once in a while)

LiLi said...

*I had a giggle at your casual handbag with your snazzy clothes*

it's me, Val said...

lisa....yeah... matching handbags to clothes is one things I have never never been too good at :) Not very fashionista of me, eh? :)

Anonymous said...

OK so I guess I need to move to "small town Il" for some excitement!!

Erin said...

I'm so excited for you and all your star filled moments this week. You lucky girl!!! Wish I had been with you on your fun adventures : )

oh amanda said...


I honestly felt like I was reading People magazine! How cool are you?!

Stacey said...

Ohhhhhhhh how adorable your new boyfriend is, lol! Love this, Val. xo