Gone today, gone tomorrow.

Well, it happened.

I was sitting 10 minutes ago in my office working. I thought Neil was watching the kids. Boy was I wrong.

Maia comes into my office saying "mommy, Noah cut my hair!". Yep, it's cut. Yep, I lost it. Yep, I can't stop crying.

I know this happens to every little girl with hair at some point. But it was her brother, almost 5, who did it. HE KNOWS BETTER. And he KNEW he had done wrong because he was hiding under a blanket. I'm beside myself. And I absolutely totally know it's not the end of the world. I know that. But you know how long Maia's hair was and tomorrow it's going to have be all cut off. Tomorrow it's going to be all gone. And it just makes me sick to my stomach. So sick.

Make me feel better while I go cry some more. No amount of Matt Damon or Joel McHale is going to make this mommy feel better. I just need some hugs and some tissues passed to me please. And lots of them.


Alexis Jacobs said...

((hugs)) I can totally relate. Remember when Hannah cuts Sam's long hair and we had to chop it all off. ((sigh))

But just remember, it will grow back. And Maia will look adorable.

Sending you lots of hugs, tissues and of course wine.


LiLi said...

Oh sweet Val!!! (((hugs))) I completely understand. I was mortified when Maegan cut her own hair. It was a tiny amount, but just the fact that she did it! It just gutted me! And this week I found another spot of very short hair, and she swears no one cut it... but it sure looks that way to me! You have EVERY right to be upset, and to cry. It's one of the most frustrating things that happens during parenthood! :( I'm so sorry that it happened. I hope she gets an adorable new hair cut, and then I hope it grows back FAST! ((hugs)) Why do kids feel the need to cut their (or someone else's) hair??? Gah!!! Hang in there. I'm feeling your pain!

it's me, Val said...

I do remember, AJ. I do.

One of the hardest things is that she is 2 years old and has(had) this long beautiful hair. It was to the middle of her back! How many 2-yr olds have that hair?! As I type this to the cut hair that is sitting here on my desk. I can't even look at Maia because it makes me so sick. ((sob)) my hairstylist is out on maternity leave. but after I get over this crying, i am calling her and begging her to let us to come to her house. she's also a good friend, so i think she'll be okay with it. i just hope maia will allow her to finish what's been started. i may have to have someone drive me because i know i'm going to be sobbing. why is hair so important to women/girls I don't know, but it is. and wow, this breaks my heart, as trivial as it is...

thank you, Lisa. xoxo

it's me, Val said...

i can't even write correctly.

Heather said...

Ugh!!! I'm sorry that you will have to make an unexpected trip to (hopefully) Kim tomorrow! I know that it will be hard, but I also know that she will be even more adorable (if that is possible) with a new 'do!

it's me, Val said...

Thanks, Het.


Aimee said...

Oh Val, I am so sorry! Maia did have absolutely beautiful hair, and I know it is sad that it is gone. :( Lots of hugs coming your way! On the plus side, her hair was soooo long for a 2 year old, so I am sure it will grow back quickly. She is an adorable little girl and I know she will look darling in her hairdo! Hope you feel better. (((hugs)))

Kristi said...

Maia is such a pretty girl with long hair...or short hair. I am sure she will look adorable!

I actually cut Jess's hair when I was five...and I snipped a little piece of her ear (which she still teases me about today!)

Erin said...

Aw, honey, I'm so sorry!!! That is awful. One word of consolation for you...it grew this much in such a short space of time, and by cutting it, it's likely to grow even quicker and a lot thicker. So it probably won't be too long before she has a beautiful head of hair again. But so sorry you have to go through this. I currently don't have any scissors in my house that would cut hair (Aidan is just obnoxious enough to cut her and Ella's hair, so I won't even tempt her). ((((HUGS))))

Our Home Schooler and Jen said...

HUGS to you and Maia

Michelle said...

Hey Val!
Would LOVE LOVE LOVE to have your work on my 4 the kids site!

Maybe choose an image that would have a duplicate non-obvious meaning. Something that could hang in someone's home that would remind them of where their money went!

Let me know when you come up with an idea. I wanna upload you to the site as soon as you are ready!

You decide how much of the proceeds benefit peds cancer!

Michelle said...

Oh duh!
Sorry - I am soo sad for your impromptu haircut!

My son cut is precious bond locks today, too!
I even refused to clean up the small whispy pile -- I was in denial!

Louise said...

Ahh girl..I am sure she will look gorgeous!! And like Erin said it'll grow fast and maybe even thicker ;)
I did that when I was little me and a friend cut each others hair hid the hair behind my dresser we too were old enough to know better and well walked out of the room into the room where our parents were visiting and thought they wouldn't notice...who would notice chunks missing out of my hair...duh!!
Hugs to you!!
Take some pictures you can tell them all about it when they are older!!

Artsy Momma said...

((HUGE HUGS)) It may not be the end of the world but I know how painful that it can be! I get hives thinking about the day we finally cut Leila's hair.

Besides little girls with bob haircuts are oh so cute, and it may be a godsend for the summer.

it's me, Val said...

Okay, just got off the phone with my wonderful hair friend. She is on maternity leave, but is going to go into the shop for me tomorrow. She kept saying "okayyyyy" like she really had to think about what she is going to do with her hair. This is so horrible. I do have to say that sleeping on it made me feel a wee bit better and I didn't cry when I saw her this morning. It definitely could be worse, like pieces cut at her scalp and thank goodness it hadn't gotten that far . . yet. She will probably have a bob and it will probably be cute. I have no choice but to live with whatever has to be done with her 'do.

Thanks for the support :)

Anonymous said...

I bet her cut will be super duper extra specialy cute and adorable.. and it will grow again, maybe even thicker and fuller..you just never know.

My memory of grade school was when my friends brother cut his own hair with pinking sheers..the day before school pictures..there was no fixing that.

oh amanda said...


But was he really hiding under a blanket? That made me laugh!

Jen @ One Moms World said...

Noah's too cute Val... did that make you smile ;).

Madisyn did the same but she did it to her own hair at 3 years old. Cut it all the way to her ears when it was down her back :(. I cried and cried but now her hair has grown back even longer so it does grow back... It's just that doesn't help us moms at the time.


Jennifer said...

Val, at least he wasn't 11.
Yep, 11. My oldest cut his own while Dad went to answer the phone a few weeks ago while giving him a simple trim. He then had no choice but to shave it all off ~ just when it was past that shaggy growing out stage and looking good.
*SIGH* None of our kids have ever done this and we were disappointed when he did ( I wasn't home at the time, kind of glad of that)of course I think he was just as disappointed in himself he kind of sulked & pouted around for a day or two afterwards.
I'll tell you what others told me 'It's just hair, it'll grow back.' Yeah, doesn't help much does it? But you know what they are right it will grow back.
I hope your friend can come up with a cut style for Maia...maybe a layered bob or something. ((((HUGS))))