Worst Memorial Day. Ever.

It has not even been a year that this last happened to me. Is it even possible?! (Apparently so.)

While working on my desktop Mac doing some proofing, I also had open my macbook trying to open up a slideshow, when suddenly my computer (macbook) went still. (For mac users, you know that twirly rainbow circle? It just kept going and going and I wasn't even able to click on the blue apple or any program at all.) I restarted it and now it won't even turn on. Well, I take that back. There is a flashing folder with a "?" mark inside of it. Same exact sort of deal as my desktop a year ago. Remember me posting about that? Yeah, I remember that, too.

I'm beyond upset. This may be my 5th (FIFTH!) mac in 7 years. Is that possible?! Mac is going to hear from me. Not that they'll listen, but I thought these computers were suppose to be reliable?! Not any of the ones Val gets her hands on. This is horrible. Horrible!

Now the rest of the day I will be sick to my stomach thinking about all I lost. And tomorrow it's a drive to the "mac authorized repair shop" to pay for them to tell me that I lost everything.

I'm doing 6 shoots in Chicago this weekend. I have to have a laptop. I'm going to order one today and hope it arrives by Thursday. Ho-hum, another mac. I hate perfect ingenious technology. I hate macs. (Harsh word, I know, but I can't think of a better one right now.)


Michelle said...

No way!! That stinks!!

Sorry this happened to you yet again!


Erin said...

Not again! Aw, honey, I'm sorry. That is a bummer! I hope everything turns out for you.

Louise said...

Oh man that so sucks!
Hope it gets fixed and that you haven't lost anything!!
Can't believe it is the 5th one in 7 years..yikers I am sure they won't be proud of that stat!!

Alexis Jacobs said...

Okay that totally sucks. :( You must really run your computers hard. I have never heard of anyone busting a mac like that. ((hugs)) I hope they can recover your stuff.

Anonymous said...

So sorry Val! Hope it all turns out ok! I'll be thinking of you in chicago this weekend (wishing I was there too!!) Can't wait to see some of the pics ;)

LiLi said...

VAL!!!!!!! nooooooooooo... how does this keep happening??? We still have Matt's g4 from college! My parents use it. I just think you and Macs have a little something that isn't clicking! Not sure what it is... but at this point, I think Apple should just GIVE you a laptop!!! Hope you are enjoying the new one! :)