Status is . . .

"your computer's hard drive is bad".

Which I knew. Just disappointing to hear those words. I'm having them put in a new hard drive along with the attempt to recover the lost data.

My poor computers. I have a really bad computer history, don't I?

Update ---

They called and yet again, nothing could be recovered. I'm mourning a bit because I had an inkling of hope :(

I did get a new hard drive put in it.

After $3400, I now have 2 "new" computers. (((sigh)))


Erin said...

Good thing you are not defined by your computer history, lol : )

Where's the exciting news? Huh? I'm waiting...

Don't leave me hanging too much longer. I need some goodness in my day today.

Candi said...

Val, I was talking to my husband about your bad luck with computers and he was wondering if you have your Mac set up to do updates automatically or if you have to enter your password to do updates.

Jennifer said...

"Oh, and I have some exciting news to share tomorrow. Stay tuned! :c)"

Ahem....it's tomorrow. I'm here. WHERE is the exciting news? *stomps foot and pouts a little*

I'll be back tomorrow and maybe you'll have taken a break from all the work and posted your news by then!

Alexis Jacobs said...

That totally sucks :( But hey two computers... yippie!!!

it's me, Val said...

Yes, I do automatic updates. Is that what I should do or no? What does your hubby think may have went wrong? Any info would be quite useful and appreciated. I would love to be proactive enough to keep it from happening again and again.

P.S. Did you post about your canvas? I will send you some linky-love!

Candi said...

Val, he says that if you do automatic updates and something happens and you force quit and shut it down while it happens to be updating, it can cause big problems. Something about losing start up information. We both have our Macs to inform us when there is an update and we have to enter our password in order to install them. He says that is the one down side of a Mac. He is already in bed, so I don't remember all the technical words he used, but when I read him your post where they said your hard drive is bad, he said, "Bad how? Bad due to system failure or bad due to corrupt files?". Anyway, might be worth asking the people trying to retrieve your info. He said if they are trying to retrieve info, it doesn't sound like system failure.

Yes, I did post about my canvas!

Chel said...

You really are sorta the exception to the rule about Macs never having trouble. Sorry about that.