Flowers make me happy.

And so does summer,
and bright colors,
and flowery scents,
and gardening,
from which I get the love and appreciation for from my mom (thanks, mom!),
and sunlight,
and the pretty light at dusk just perfect for taking any picture,
and bokeh,
and perfect evenings,
and pretty pictures,
and friends to share those pretty pictures with.

Happy Love Thursday and Happy Foto Friday.

Flowers make me happy.
photos courtesy of my garden, courtesy of me :)


Chel said...

Those are stunning. If you'd make notecards from Moo with them, I'd buy them. :)

Our Home Schooler and Jen said...

beautiful :)


Erin said...

Absolutely gorgeous (as always)!! Oh it makes me want a garden!

oh amanda said...


You make me happy, Val!

Anonymous said...


Don Leann Marina Paige & Hudson said...

Wow lady - how do you find the time to do such cool things?? We just welcomed Baby #4 home - you'll have to check her out on our blog. Also - could you drop me an email or comment with your new mailing address? I'd like to send you current pics. I need to schedule an adventure day to your neck of the woods and hook up. If you ever come to Peoria - give us a buzz - we're way flexible.

Alexis Jacobs said...

Those are beautiful. Wow.

Johanna said...

those are gorgeous!!!!! all in your garden??!!!

it's me, Val said...

Jo, thank you, and Yes, they are all in my garden or around my house. Each day I have something new blooming, so I'll be posting more flowers soon, I'm sure.

I love pictures.