Trail Mix in July - Summer is 1/2 over!

Brad and Chel and the girls are home for a week! Woo-hooooo! I get to see them, hopefully tomorrow, and then again Thursday. Neil and Noah haven't seen them for 9 months, so it's exciting.

Back a couple weeks ago, my friends, Matt and Lisa, visited on their way to North Dakota from Virgina. You can read about how I met Lisa here, along with zillions of pictures from her visit, but here's a sneak peek until you make it over there:

blankie love..

This is one of my faves, I think because it reminds me of a vintage photograph.

Something fun. Heather caught me working, again, at a wedding. It's fun to see what I look like through other peoples' eyes. Like hers. I'm glad I don't look too dork-ish. (Sometimes I very much feel that way.)

Seriously working, me.

In that photo I'm setting up a shot, which ended up like this:

..hard & soft..

And this:


We were going to a lot of t-ball games. That is over now. But at the last game, Maia decided she wanted to meet a new friend. I don't think they ever carried on a conversation, but they played together so well. It was so cute. Maia is in total awe of bigger girls. I have the scene planted in my mind forever. What I love about this is that it signifies the best kind of friendships . . .those where you don't have to work at it . . .where you are completely comfortable with each other even when you have nothing to talk about :)

..making a friend..

And Noah at a game:

all ready, but where's the ball?

He was so precious out there. I love the innocence and how playing sports hasn't become competitive yet. They're so sweet when they are just being children and having a blast doing so.

I have tons of these little (nasty) guys in my garden. Do you?

These guys are attacking my gardens!

We also had swimming lessons for 2 weeks. Both kids participated. It took a while for Noah, but Maia wanted to join right away. (I originally didn't have her signed up.) I'm not sure how much they learned, but at least they're getting accustomed to the water. And, they can blow bubbles, so in a their mind, that is totally worth the 2 weeks of mom paying for lessons!

I have had my 5th picture make it to "explore" on flickr. What is "explore"? Well, flickr defines it as this: "a way to show you some of the most awesome content on Flickr". Pretty cool! The flickr people go through millions of pictures and pick out what they believe are the best ranked on several things. I know some people who have had dozens. I'm happy with my 5. :)

another one ~ hooray :)

I have been super-duper busy. I finished up my last album last night (Chris, I know you read this blog . . . super good news for you! It should be in about a week or two!), I got my last wedding all proofed and online (over 800 pictures, oh my), I had a session last night, I have another one tonight, Tuesday night and Wednesday night. Oh my goodness gracious! I actually feel okay about how busy I am. There's been times I've been super overwhelmed, but I'm not experiencing that feeling anymore. I think I'm grasping my work "flow" now. Finally. It's taken 7 years. But, come Wednesday night, I may change my mind on that one.

So if you see someone with a camera up to their face, with long brown hair and you think it could be Val, well, it probably is :)

oh yes, that is me.

Unless you're at a wedding, I probably won't be wearing this dress, though :)


it's me, Val said...

Thinking out loud . . . I think I need to change this blog to a photo blog ;) Hope I'm not boring you all with all my pictures ALL THE TIME.

Alexis Jacobs said...

I don't think I will ever get sick of seeing your pictures. :)

Sounds like you are having a wonderful summer. I love the pic of Noah playing t-ball. Too cute.

Have a great visit with the fam.

Erin said...

Your pictures are such a great expression of who you are that I'll never ever tire of seeing them!!! You are the best ever! And I do hope you are managing to keep your head on straight in the busyness!

Our Home Schooler and Jen said...

Val your not a dork
those photos you were setting up were beautiful and I think you are too

Louise said...

You are amazing as per usual!! I am always fascinated by it!! You look good girl...no dork there ;)

Crystal said...

I love your pictures!! And its fun seeing pictures of you taking pictures!!