Macrolicious Monday and a bit of Trail Mix

It's Macrolicious Monday today. Gotta have something to be happy about right? I could call it Blue Monday, but I have to be as positive as possible for the beginning of a new week's start, right?! Seeing a nice macro shot makes me so happy because it shows how intricate and detailed our world around us is. I shot this just last night after I had watered my flowers. Hope you like.

How about a little updating from me today since it's been quite a long time?

Most positive thing of the day thus far is that my neighbor, a dentist, former ER nurse, came over this morning and checked my BP for me per doctor's orders. Good news is that it was 132/84 -- getting better! And that bottom number is down tons which is the best news. Formerly, a week and a half ago, it was 150/100. S-C-A-R-Y. So later today I call my doctor and give her the latest on my numbers. I hope she's happy. I think she will be. What a stressor off of me. I was beyond stressed. I hope I can live like life is meant to be lived and re-concentrate with the important things going on in my life now like:

Alexis. She's always an important person in my life, but since she has some BIG STUFF going on in her life right now, it impacts me a lot. That's what friends are for, right? Well, she has bigger than big news. Bigger than bigger. She's in for quite an adventure. More than an adventure. I'm not even sure what the right word is for it? Voyage, pilgrimage, crusade, expedition, trek, excursion, passage…?? I hope you will stop by her blog, check it out and wish her well. I, for one, am super excited for her. I know she's excited too, but anxious and nervous, so I hope to do my best to take on some of that nervousness for her (I am good at being a nervous/anxious person!) so she can really enjoy what she and her family are about to embark on. It's just really thrilling!

My mom. She got a new puppy!! Remember Shelby, our family doggie, who passed away not long ago at the age of 17? Well, mom being the animal lover she is, could not live another day without a furry best friend. So Saturday she took a long 6 hour trek to pick up a puppy who was saved from going to a puppy mill. Yay mom! She is 10 weeks old, part Bichon part Shih Tzu with brown and white markings and her name is Lucy. Lucy is named after mom's favorite actress of all time and her middle name is Sue Ann which is what Shelby's middle name was. So Shelby's great 17-year legacy lives on. Today the kids and I get to meet Lucy. We cannot wait to meet our newest family member!

Neil. He is working hard taking over two areas at work now which is exciting for him, and me. It means he's gained a promotion and possibly even more in the upcoming months. I'm very proud of him and what he's done here of recently. It's also meant a lot of traveling. He'll be off this week to Hershey, Pennsylvania. Any orders for fresh chocolate, anyone? Last time he was out there he brought me back Bliss before it was even on the market. Mmmmm…bliss. I wish he'd take us on one of these trips so we could go here. And he always stays here, which he says has the best buffet he's ever had in his life. Some days I think his job is better than mine. Well…nah.

Noah. He began his 2nd year of pre-school last week. He's the oldest in his class which is a good thing, I think. He is in a new school this year . . . brand new . . . and just stunning. We love it, he loves it, everyone loves it. Here he is quite excited on his first day of school. That's my boy!

And I can't go without showing my girl, too. She wished she was going. One more year. She may be sad that she isn't going, but I am not. I gain one more year and I know that year is just going to fly by…

So, really that's not all that exciting. Just living life. Heather is moving into her new house this weekend and we're going to help. Heather actually has to work so I'm going to monitor this move in lieu of her while a handful of guys work hard and I sit. Vickie, wanna come join me on the front lawn with a margarita? :c)

Hope you all have a really great week. Happy Macrolicious Monday… and see you soon!

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