Happy Day!

First of all, Happy Birthday, Chel!!! it's Michelle's very special day today as she is entering the wonderful 30's! :) Hope it's a really spectacular day, Chel!

What a better picture to put up than the one of she and I when we were both preggie back in 2005. Chel, I want that cute shirt. I forgot how HARD it is to find cute maternity clothes!

Most of you know my very dear friend, Alexis. She and her family are living in Japan now for the next 2-1/2 years. They've been there since the first of the year. I'm thankful that throughout the miles (she's halfway around the world, 14 hours ahead), she's still so close. We keep in touch in every way imaginable. You can follow her amazing journey as a stranger in a new world (with a huge language barrier) here----> You don't want to miss it.

So yesterday the kids got a package in the mail from none other than Alexis in Japan. They were beyond excited! Usually they get packages from Oklahoma, not Japan! :) Of course Maia doesn't understand the actual distance and that it's coming from a different far-away country, but Noah does (but monkey-see, monkey-do). But they both do realize when I say it's from Japan, that it's something probably from Sami. That means a celebration in our house! As you can see, they were thrilled!

And what was it? It looked like Japanese candy and, to Noah's excitement . . .

. . .his very own pair of chopsticks!! (He loves to use chopsticks. We get sushi quite regularly in our house, whether we go out or get take out. Noah has learned quite well how to use them - I think he's a little better than his mommy, actually! He loves using them, so he was SO excited to have his own very cool Japanese pair. Sami would be proud of his chopstick usage! )

So the kids weren't the only ones excited about the goodies, Neil was all into it as well. (Last night we all dug into them. My favorite is the green - slight apple taste. All very "light" in taste. I like it a lot.)
Neil got a kick out of these candies and you can only imagine what he called them. He told me I needed to put on Alexis's Facebook page, "Thanks for the nipples!". Yeah, that's my husband! I spared Alexis the harassment :)

And Alexis didn't leave her favorite Val out. For my birthday in March, she sent me the best little surprise. My own Bento Box and chopsticks! I looooove it. Thanks again, dear friend. The kids thank you, too!! It's all been so very special.


Michelle said...

Thanks! I think I still have that shirt...I'll check for you :)

Cool gifts! And how fun that N got his chopsticks!!!

Alexis Jacobs said...

Happy birthday Chel!!!

I am glad they kids liked their little pressie. It was fun shopping for them. :-)

Louise said...

Love the gifts, very thoughtful!!
You are such a cute prego!