If I have a monument in this world, it is my son.

- Maya Angelou

Well, if you haven’t checked out Facebook, you don’t know that we found out what baby # 3 is yesterday, ....
and....we are having a BOY!! :):)
Clear as day, a boy, and my favorite shot of all. I laid down on the table and the tech said "you want to know the sex, right?". I said "yep!" and she put the doppler on my tummy and bam, there it was loud and clear right away, HIS little pee-pee. Definitely a BOY! :) The kids were very excited about this photo (what is it with anatomy?!). They both keep talking about seeing his "ding-dong" ;)

We are really shocked that we are even talking about boy parts again because both Neil and I thought it was a girl! Most of our family thought it was a girl (Chel's thinking was right-on, though!) and most of our friends also thought it was a girl (Alexis pinned it, too, and she's proud nonetheless!). I don't know if it's because of the high heart beat, my bad morning sickness and the fact that my uterus is still measuring 2 weeks ahead as it did with Maia that we all thought girl? Obviously none of that means anything! Maybe that's why the first thing we saw was his privates? He wanted to make sure we knew that he was not a girl but a bouncing baby boy :) (Oh, and the kids pinned it, too -- even Maia -- from day 1! Kids have remarkable instincts!)

He was measuring perfectly...heart with 4 chambers, all that good stuff. In 3 weeks, though, I go for an Echo of baby’s heart with a Pediatric Cardiologist. Everything should be fine, but it’s for precautionary measures with my recently diagnosed auto-immune disorders which can cause heart defects in the babies. I feel pretty good about it, though, my faith intact. I also have a low-lying placenta, something I’ve never had before. Just means MORE ultrasounds later on (not always a bad thing!). In people preparing for a vaginal birth, this means a c-section, but since I’m already having a c-section, it’s not really that big of a deal. I just have to be careful of bleeding in the meantime. Scheduled c-section will be September 17th! As for all the autoimmune stuff, everything has gone into “remission” and I am feeling the best I have felt in probably 2 years. My energy is so high and I just feel so good every day. It's a miracle. All my constant aches, pains and spasms, exhaustion, high blood pressure, everything, GONE. This pregnancy has been a Godsend. I’ve been really enjoying this pregnancy trying to milk this time for all it’s worth until it all comes back. But I'm praying for a miracle that it won't.

We are quite excited, and so are the grandparents. This is the last grandchild for Neil's parents and for my own, with my mom and dad having 3 granddaughters and 1 grandson, this will give my dad another boy to wrestle with, and with Neil's mom, she has 3 granddaughters, too, so this will also make the 2nd boy for her. For Neil's dad and Martha, they have 4 granddaughters and 1 grandson, so this will give them another boy as well filling in the gaps a tiny bit :) I think it's neat how Neil's mom and dad had two boys (no girls), and now they get two grandsons. What I find really really funny is that I remember at one point Chel saying she wanted all boys and here they have all girls. And I always imagined myself with more girls than boys, and here we're having all the boys in the family. I just love how it all works out. God really is amazing in His plans :)

Enjoy the rest of the ultrasound pics. We were VERY lucky in that the u/s tech (who I love) switched over from 3-D to 4-D imaging for a split-second and gave us a photo of Baby Strawberry so we could see him more as how he truly looks right now. It's pretty amazing. And the rest, pretty explanatory. He has long feet and legs just as Noah did. And I think he already looks uncannily like both Noah and daddy.

Can't wait to meet you, Baby!!!


Missy!! said...

Aww! Congratulations!!! How exciting.. a little beautiful boy! :)

mama2dibs said...

I think it's funny that your kids pinned it. I "want" a boy (but will be happy with a baby) and Libby keeps talking about her baby brother. I keep trying to prepare her for the "disappointment" of another sister, but she is VERY insistent that it is a boy and she IS going to have a brother. We shall find out in a month I guess.

Christina said...

Don't you love the 3D? It is so amazing. You are having the baby on my birthday!!!! Yay for a birthday buddy :)

Aimée said...

Aww, congrats! I love babies! Any ideas of names for the little guy?

nic said...

Congratulations!! I'm also having a baby boy in mid-August (giving a little brother to my daughter!). We both have lots to be thankful for :)

Louise said...

I am so happy for you! and I will continue to pray that you feel great all through out the pregnancy and afterwards too!!

amy said...

The regular u/s pics are some of the best quality I've ever seen! There is definitely no doubt about the gender. :) Isn't it amazing how God planned the timing of this little guy's life out and arranged for his conception and birth, even though his parents had other plans? God has big plans for this little guy, Val. Cherish him!