The Camp House Begins

Getting back to Purple Valley comes at no better time than now.  Yesterday we finally, finally, broke ground on our lot where we will be building our brand new house!  After 8 months of living in Omaha in two different apartment complexes, the feelings of happiness that overcame me the moment I saw the CAT tractor scooping dirt out of the ground to make a giant hole were overwhelming.  My thoughts were, "Wow, it's actually happening."  

 Sometimes it seems like no matter how much we plan for things to happen and set up hearts to yearn for them (trying to convince ourselves that it's the way to go), something happens and God intercedes with what He has planned for us.  (What we plan isn't always what He plans!)  But this time . . .this time, God's intentions were what our hearts yearned for.  We followed His lead from the very beginning . . .from the moment He told us we were moving to Omaha . . .and well, the rest was pretty easy.  (On the most part.  Nothing is ever "easy"!)

So yesterday there I was sitting in front of our lot watching like a little girl sitting around the Christmas tree waiting to be told it's ok to unwrap my presents.  My dear camera was in tow, along with Maia and Finn, witnessing how crazy their momma is documenting every new scoop of dirt that fell from the little yellow tractor.

To keep the kids busy I brought markers and paper.  They were well-entertained.  They enjoyed watching the tractor, too!

Today Maia had her ballet/tap class with her girlfriends, Elyssa and Aubrie.  So their mommies and I dropped the girls off, hopped in my van, drove through and got necessary coffee at Scooter's and then drove off to the Camp's lot to see the progression for today.  It was exciting and I'm hoping every day will ensure this kind of anticipation!  Trucks had already been there today; some concrete had been poured and the metal foundation bars "set".  Oh what a happy day!

Hi me!

Jen, Keleigh and Finn waited on me in the van:

See ya tomorrow, soon-to-be house!


Missy!! said...

That is so exciting!! :) I'm very happy for your family! I can't believe how fast they are going! Do you have an approximate move in date? Congratulations!

Aimée said...

Very, very exciting! I can't believe you have been in Omaha 8 months already!

CW said...

Yay for all the excitment! I hope everything goes smoothly and you will be decorating that big gorgous house in no time :)

Anonymous said...

We are so excited for you guys!!! I cannot wait to see all of the progress. How far away is Omaha again? :)

Alexis Jacobs said...

Loving the Cat pictures!! Ha ha

I am so excited for you guys!!!!