Continuing Day 2

After school yesterday I took Noah, Maia and Finn back to the house to see what they had done that morning.  They were super excited to get out and get close to the "hole".

Checking out the hole!  Much bigger up close than it appears from afar!

After we left the site, we went back "home".  It was a perfect beautiful day yesterday (72 in my mind has always been "perfect") so when we got back to the apartment, we put our flip-flops on, grabbed the stroller and headed out for a walk to Sonic which is directly across the way.  Just our luck, it was 3:30 and still happy hour! So we walked up to the window and ordered our favorite happy hour slushies.  (The total came to $2 and something.  Gotta love 1/2 price!)

Because of a little almost 19-month old who wanted out of his stroller (and whom I realize now I didn't take any pictures of! Whoops!), we scurried on our way back across the street to our complex.  We love our apartment complex.  It's small, quaint, and very much like a big family (nothing like the first one we lived in for 2 months!).  Everyone is so nice, the management are like friends, and the landscaping is immaculate.  It's definitely a plus.  And we have this fun little trail that goes along the perimeter of the complex which borders a preserve and a lake.  So we are surrounded by gorgeousness.  We took a stroll on that path with our slushies.

This is the sign at our entrance.   I think it's just so pretty.  It's definitely welcoming every day.

This is also at the entrance.  I think these trees are some sort of cherry tree and they make me think of Japan (and Alexis) which is really kind of neat in so many ways.  Perhaps I'll see these in real life in Japan a year from now?

As for today, I have drove by our lot/hole/soon-to-be house twice now and they aren't doing anything.  (I guess they are letting the cement and rods harden and become stable.)  And tomorrow it's suppose to rain (70% chance) so I am expecting there not to be much more happening there the rest of the week.  At least it's started and each day I can keep driving by with the hope that maybe they'll be working.  Actually seeing trucks sitting there is NEATEST thing to see and completely makes my day.  So much to look forward to!


Missy!! said...

I wonder if the workers are keeping tabs on how often you drive by! :) Very exciting!

Michelle said...

LOVE happy hour!! We hit it all the time! There's one across from our 'hood too now! :)

Very exciting! Can't wait to see all the progress!!