Foundation to Floors!

I'm a bit behind.  Sorry.  Your husband going out of town for 7 days to Brazil will do that to you, though.  But, not a lot has happened on the house to even report about.  Well, nothing super exciting.  Ok, to me, it's VERY exciting, but to you all, probably not so much.  But still, it's a part of our little house-building journey.

We have had a tremendous amount of rain in the last 2 weeks.  Actually, I am hearing "clink clink clink clink. . ." out on the gutter outside the apartment right now.  Doesn't surprise me at all.  It is spring and the flowers do need to grow.  But it certainly doesn't help someone who is building a house do it in the most ideal frame of time. But that's ok :)

About a week and a half ago we had this . . .

While Neil was in Brazil, the foundation was formed and dried.
Starting looking more real at this point
The kids' favorite thing is running in circles around the "house"
 And now today we have this . . .

The floors are laid, the floors are laid!  (And the kids are running yet again. . .)
They stop running to stop for a picture.  They get more and more excited every time something new happens, just like it does for their mommy. 
And there they go running again!

A hole to the basement
Looks a bit scary right now.  Hard to believe that one day our family will be making memories there!
Finn with his fire hat ready to work (just hopefully not putting out any fires!) :)

Things are really progressing!!

The rest of the week is supposed to get better rain-wise.  Hoping for a productive week.  No more cement to wait on to dry, so hopefully things will begin to go faster now . . .and I can't WAIT!!

Busy busy week here regardless, as Noah's baseball games begin, I'm going to a Love & Logic conference with my friend, Keleigh, and the kids start more swimming lessons (Finny, too!).  At first I was worried about finding things to do to stay busy this summer, but I'm beginning to see there's really absolutely nothing to worry about ;) I don't think I'll be underwhelmed but overwhelmed.  Secretly kind of excited about it, though, because it's all a good kind of overwhelming.  Ahh. . . life is good and we are blessed.

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