Making Headway

Even though it continues to rain here and there, progress is still being made on our house.  Every time I drive by, something else is done.  Having never built a house before, it's so exciting to even see a stack of 2x4's because it means something is soon going to be done!

It's been really muddy because of all the rain.  Earlier in the week my iPhone caught a glimpse of the muddy mess:

And then the next time I drove by after yet more rain, they had accomplished a bit more:

Look at the mud!

The beginnings of the garage!

And the next day they were hard at working on even more! (This was Tuesday.):

This is the lot across the street from us.  They were breaking ground while I was there which means a family (hopefully a family) will be moving in about the same time we are moving in!  So exciting!

Wednesday I went back (big surprise!) and our builder was there also overseeing the progress.  He saw me and came over to the car.  He told me the construction crew saw me taking pictures the day before and they were worried that I was OSHA!!  I was cracking up!  I said, "no, but do tell them they'll see me out here quite a bit documenting their work but tell them not to be worried".  Then the head construction guy came up and Paul (our builder) introduced him to me.  He said, "I'd like you to meet OSHA!" HA!  Funny guy.

Maia got out to pick dandelions and then stopped to strike a pose.

I called Neil after seeing the progress and told him that we'd have to go back out to the house when he got home from work so we could walk through.  Of course right before we left to go out there it rained heavily for about 20 minutes.  Long enough to create another muddy mess.  But we still went and Neil carried us all up into the house so we didn't get caked-on muddy shoes.  Awww. . . what a guy!

Daddy carrying Noah up to see the house
Childers is our builder
The kids were uncontrollably excited!  It's becoming more real for all of us!
Not sure you can read the font.  This is the mud room.  To the left is a small closet.
Powder Room

The kitchen!
This will be the breakfast area with the sliding glass doors
Family Room
Where the stairway will be.
Fireplace in the family room

The kids were running everywhere like it was a big maze.
Thursday they had accomplished even more, working on the 2nd level.  Paul told us they may get completely done with the framing today (Friday)!!!

We decided to make an overhang in the back to increase the square footage a bit without having to increase the footings.
The view of our house as you drive around the corner.

We shall see what today brings!!


Alexis Jacobs said...

Loving it!! I cannot wait to see how it all comes together!

it's me, Val said...

hehe...me, too!!

Anonymous said...

Oh, my goodness!! It is so exciting to see the progress. You will be decorating in no time! I feel a Chicago shopping trip coming on. . .

CW said...

I cannot believe how fast they are progressing on the house. You will be moved in before you know it. Is ther ean ETA on completion?

it's me, Val said...

I know, guys!! I CANNOT believe how fast it's going!! It's awesome! Thanks for sharing in this with me!

Anonymous said...

How awesome!! I can't believe how fast things are going. Love all the pictures it's fun to follow all the progress. Have you got alott picked out for the inside? Have fun!!!!

it's me, Val said...

Hi Martha! Thanks for stopping by! Just starting to pick out inside stuff. Going this weekend to begin. We just chose our stone and address plate yesterday and are still not sure what we're doing with the fireplace. We'll probably be nearing completion of our houses at the same time!! Love ya!

erin said...

it looks FANTASTIC!!! i cannot wait to come down and see it!!! <3

Katie said...

I remember visiting our house as it was being built. (I was 9.) It was super-fun to run around through the walls and envision the rooms as they would appear. I'm glad your kids are enjoying it, too!

Michelle said...

These are so fun to look at!! :) Sorry I havent visited sooner! Ill be checking in from now on!

Love how excited the kids look to explore their new home! Super exciting!!