Jubilant Delights

The days are getting busier and busier, not just with the house but with everyday life, too.  Noah started his first baseball game of many on Saturday.  Seems like just yesterday Noah was hitting off of t-ball stands and swinging his little heart out (missing a lot of the time).  Today, my not long ago 4-year old is now an almost 8-year old hitting balls pitched by real people.  This was the first time I had to dress my boy in a real uniform with a real hat, jersey, pants and socks.  Once he stood out there on the field with the others boys suddenly looking so grown-up, I almost lost it.  But thankfully I have 2 other younger kiddos to keep me distracted, along with my camera to hide behind. 

Noah, #10

My distractions from acting like a pathetic sappy mommy:

Playing "pitcher".  The coaches actually pitch.  Noah said playing pitcher was "the funnest ever!'.

He finally got a good hit and ran with the bat the entire way.  Priceless!

After the game we headed to Nebraska Furniture Mart (one of the many places owned by Howard Buffet in town) to begin looking at carpet for our house.  Once there we realized how much undistracted thinking it would require to make decisions.  We have to work with a specific person and not only do we choose carpet at NFM, but we also choose tile and vinyl for every room in the house; wall tile, too.  "Our" lady said the process will take us 3-4 hours, so. . . we decided coming back another time without kids would be the most efficient.  ((sigh))  So we head back next Saturday to make the vital decisions.  I'm so thankful for good friends in Omaha to help us out at times such as these.  (Thank you, Brooke!)  And now that we know we won't have the kids, I'm actually very excited to sit down and really think about these things, and hopefully use some of the design theories I learned in college.  Wow, I can put my degree to work! :)

So Friday and today (Monday) my "drive by's" on the house have ended with me driving away in complete glee.  You know, when you smile uncontrollably because something great has happened and makes you feel all bubbly and happy?  Actually, the definition if glee is: jubilant delight; joy.  Yeah, that's me almost every day.  I love the feeling.  I think it's knowing that we are actually, one day soon, going to be in a house that we put all of ourselves (money, design, patience) into.  It's. Exciting.  :)

So this was Friday (4/29/11):

They didn't work over the weekend.  And here is today, Monday. . .  Look, peaks!  There are peaks!

I'm really glad we chose to push out the upstairs.  Helps cut down on the harsh sun coming in the back of house.

This is the head construction guy.  He's the one that called me "OSHA" :)
I took Elyssa & Maia to school.  They stopped at the corner of our lot to pick some dandelions for their teacher :)
I love this one.  Shows off her cute toothless grin.
Look! And they're starting on the sides!!
Tomorrow. . . I wonder if tomorrow will provide me with more glee? I'm thinking probably, yes. :)


Michelle said...

Wow!! House looks awesome!! :) Super exciting! And looks like Noah is having a great time playing ball. So grown up!

Anonymous said...

I looked at Noah and immediately thought, he stands just like Neil!
Your house is coming along beautifully! I cannot wait to watch as it progresses.
Miss you bunches!

Anonymous said...

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