Slow down & enjoy where you are.

“We’re so busy watching out for what’s just ahead of us 
that we don’t take time to enjoy where we are."
-- Bill Watterson

One thing I've learned with our move to Omaha is to not wish for tomorrow but to savor every moment today and enjoy it.  God has made me see that with my eyes and feel it with my soul.

I know some people think, "wow, I can't believe you've lived in an apartment for so long!", and yes, while I feel that way, too, many days, most of the time I'm enjoying it.  My life, especially in the past couple years, has been a testament to, "you never know what tomorrow will hold".  And while living in the apartment has been new and fun many days, and a little crazy every day, I have truly cherished it without hardly ever complaining. But, I'll be honest, I'm ready to be settled.  Ready to make a start.  Ready to move on.  I can't wait to make our house a home.

Here's the latest progress . . .
The kids look forward to our stopping to watch the progress so they can get out and pick dandelions.

After Noah gets out of school, we always drive by first thing.  Here, here's looking out at the progress.

This was Wednesday!. . .

Waiting in the car at Noah's school.

This is the lot across the street from us!  Neil saw a lady here walking around last night carrying a baby!!!!  We hope they are the family building!!

Building my porch!! :)
This is my closet! :)

I already drove by today (without my camera) and the entire house is now wrapped and the porch is complete!  We plan to go by this evening and WALK THROUGH!  Let me tell you, I am EXCITED! I'll be going back with my camera and I'll check back in soon!

Happy Friday!  Truly enjoy and savor the day. 


erin said...

it looks like a HOUSE!!!!! woohoo!!!! i am so excited for you guys :)

Katie said...

Just wait until they start on the electrical--I remember picking up scads of "slugs" and using them for play money! So glad to see you'll be settled soon!