Foto Flashback

Flashback in photos over the last month . . .

My children being "them" :)

Noah, 7
Finley, 19 months
Maia, 5

These were taken before school, prior to her preschool picture day.

Playing with Easter eggs she dyed at school
Such a normal face of my Maia's
As is this one ;)
And how you'll find Noah at least one time every day; playing legos.

The YUMMY cake pops my dear friend, Erin, sent me all the way from Winnipeg, homemade by Erin herself.  She has an amazing cake business called "sERINdipity".

Just a fun picture.  You know me.
Went to the zoo last week with Maia's preschool.  This is a fave from the day.  A beautiful moth in the butterfly house.  I didn't have my camera out much that morning because of my little animal named F-I-N-N :)
E, A, K and Maia
Her class
E, M and Maia
And Finn buddied up with C

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