I am in a blogging frenzy today! Leave it to my 4 cups of coffee and Kristin's exciting news!

When I was talking to Kristin, she told me her birth story and kept saying "now I know how you felt with Maia", and it all really took me down memory lane. It was 14 months ago that I was in her shoes. We had a very similar L&D experience except that hers ended in natural birth and mine ended in c-section. Anyhow, I thought I'd share some of my own memories since they are so fresh in my mind today. I can't WAIT to see Kristin and her new bundle of pure joy.

My "sis" Michelle and I preggie together.

Me, hard at work, at one of my weddings. Nice expression, eh?!

One of the profesional pics that my good friend, Mike Judge, took of us when I was 33 weeks preggie

And me, a few days before having Miss Maia Lizzy! I felt like a pumpkin at this point!

Me and my most fabulous doula in the entire world, Leann. Yeah, I know I am brave for putting this picture up, but it's still a memory in my life before bringing my own bundle of joy into this world. (I look so hot because this was after 30 hours of labor! 1 hour of labor to go and the c-section will finally happen - what a looooong 2 days!) And, I'm just feeling brave these days . . .

And finally, Maia Elizabeth, right after she was born. Daddy took this picture. It would then be 2 days before we actually got to hold her. They thought she had a major heart condition. Turned out she is just special with a "boot-shaped" heart!

Thankfully, pregancy for me, is a distant memory, and one that will stay a memory! No more gigantic bellies and swollen arms, legs and feet for me!


Corie said...

Loved all of your pregnancy pictures! I think that was the last time I saw you, at my wedding when you were about 8 months pregnant!
Nothing cuter than a pregnant woman!!!!

Jen said...

Oh, this makes me miss you more and more. These pics take me back. :( I so remember as if it were yesterday. What a beautiful belly and then a gorgeous baby.
Miss ya

SuperMom said...

You're adorable-- even right before giving birth!

Thanks for sharing.

Michelle said...

Ah memories!!

Love that pic of those two hot mamas! ;)

Cerella said...

Valerie, you are one of THE MOST beautiful pregnant women I've ever seen. You TRULY just glow!