Foto Friday

We had the great chance this past week to take quite a few walks on our block and admire the beauty of spring emerging all around us. The house on the top left is ours. (It's for sale if anyone is interested?!)

Last night I got up around 1:00 to get my daughter a drink of juice and this is what I found in the hallway. Usually he doesn't fall asleep (he does this quite often) but he was out cold, so I left him there so I could get some sleep. Otherwise I risked the chance of waking him and then him being up for an hour . . . or two . . . or three.
A couple days ago I got our the chalk and the kids did their magic on the sidewalks. I think Noah just loves having someone to do things like this with.
Then last night after I gave them their baths, Maia refused to get dried off, then grabbed Noah's potty seat, took it into the living room and sat down! I hope this is a start of a beautiful potty thing!
And today my friend, Heather, is moving, so I'm watching her doggie, Syd. The kids loooooove him and I think Syd is pretty fond (sometimes) of them also. In this picture Maia thought she'd share her puzzle with him. He likes sitting at the door hoping his mommy will be home soon to rescue him.

Happy weekend everyone!


Michelle said...

Great spring pics!

JO said...


Jen said...

great photos
have a wonderful weekend

Erin said...

Beautiful pictures! Happy weekend to you too!

amanda said...

Such cute pics. I love the potty seat pictures! And is that your rug by your front door? Cute!

lil ole' me..... said...

Great pictures Val!!!
I love the one of "spring" and that is a darn cute lil house in the background!
Oh, and the picture of Noah sleeping on the hallway floor is too funny! How on earth did he end up there?

You know what I was thinking as I read your posts? I am going to see your kids someday and want to hug them as if I have known them forever. They are going to run screaming in the opposite direction wondering who on earth I am?!?! I feel like I know them through your stories and pictures!

Alexis Jacobs said...

Such great photos, as usual! When you come in, or I come there, you need to give me a crash course with my photoshop. I am always so envious of how you tweek your pics.

heather said...

The doggy is wayyyyyyyyyyyy cute!!!

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