TGIF . . . Friday Five.

I got this meme from Manonica.

Friday Five MeMe

If moolah were not an object...

1. ... what computer would you buy?
Definitely and Apple, which I already have, but a bigger and better one like the MacPro . . . oooo . . it's so perty . . .

2. ... what cell phone would you want to have?
The apple iphone. It's a-mazing! Cell phone, internet, email, and ipod all in one but with simple navigation, and it's an apple . . . you couldn't ask for much more! (I couldn't anyway!)

3. ... what vehicle would you own?
VW Touareg

4. ... which one designer would you get a whole new wardrobe from?
Well, I'd pick a store, and there are lots of designers who design for this store . . . It's my absolute favorite and I would buy everything in the store if I could. And the winner is . . . Anthropologie.

5. ... what charity would you support for life?
Susan G. Komen for the Cure (of breast cancer)


Mrs. M said...

i'm a fan of susan g komen too! my jlk does a lot with them and acutally helped to start the first race in our town.

it's me, Val said...

I do wedding photography so usually I seem to have weddings on the Saturday of our race here in town, but last year was the first year I was finally able to do it with my neighbor, who does it every year. I hope to keep doing the races and Im actually purposely not scheduling weddings on the races for now on. It just seems too important. I owe it to a lot of women in my family :) So cool that you helped start yours. That has got to be such an honor! Way to go!

Jo said...

I am doing the 3 day walk for the cure this September!! Caution, I might be hitting you up for a donation (I have to raise 2200.00) soon. :) My website should be up in a few weeks. ;) JMP