Happy Birthday to someone special!

My mom (on the right) with her Aunt Glenda (left) at Halloween (is that right, mom?) dressed as Dennis and Iodine from Dennis the Menace. Aren't they cute?!

Well, today is a pretty important day here. It's my mom's 55th birthday! And I can't hardly believe that. For me it seems like just yesterday that she was brushing my foot-long hair and putting it in pig tails.

I met my mom when she was 23 (I was zero . . . hehe). When our eyes met they must've said "I'm yours and you're mine" because that's how we've been for over 31 years. When I was younger I never wanted to leave her side. I see now how that was from a mother's perspective as Maia is that way with me right now. And I'm loving it. I see now why she loved it so much. That bond from the beginning as mother-daughter turned into a true and amazing friend relationship. Yeah, I didn't have a choice who my mother was, like with friends you have choices, but God knew who would be best for me just as He knew who would be best for her. And then we CHOSE to become friends. That's what I love.

As a toddler and especially as a teenager, you don't always appreciate your mother. I know there were times I didn't. I always knew she loved me, though. And I think that's what matters most in any relationship, knowing you are truly loved, especially a mother/father son/daughter relationship. Actually, to me, that's what matters most in any relationship. Love is what life is based around. It truly is what makes the world go round.

And yes, there have also been times I have not liked her, but I can say now (you know, you never see it then) that the times I got mad at her were only because she was looking out for my best interest.

I've always been her best interest. Those that love us do what they do for us because they think it's what's best for us. And my mom, she has never given up on me and has loved me through every step of my life. And I thank her for this. Not many daughters have mothers like mine. And I can say I really really do appreciate her now and what she's done for me. I look back on so many great memories and they are all planted in my head and heart because of her, and because of her love for me.

I also know how special my mom is because people remind me. Especially my children. They remind me because that's all they talk about sometimes is "grandma". I see their eyes light up when they see her (especially when they go to her house because adventure lies there!), and I have this feeling that I will see their eyes light up like this for forever more. And what a great feeling that is. Mostly because now I know how mom felt when we looked so forward to seeing my grandma Libby (mom's mom).

Mom and grandma had the closest relationship. Grandma was the one who showed my mom what love was all about. What strength was all about. What giving was all about.

My mom's father died when she was 12 . . . at one of the weakest times in a girls life. My grandma took over raising mom and her toddler brother all by herself. She did it all with such strength and I know that strength and love just radiated from her.

Grandma loved no one more than her children. And that is why my mom is who she is today and why I'm who I am today. I am me, and everything that lies within me, because of them. I can honestly say that it's because of them that I am who I am today. Two of the most special women ever to walk into my life. And I won't stop looking to them to guide me.

Grandma died in 2000 after a long long battle with breast cancer. But I can tell you, that she still guides me. When I'm battling something inside me at times, I will ask myself what grandma would do. It is never hard for me to find the answer. She was that wise of a women. Oh how I miss her.

Mom, grandma & myself (and we can't forget Shelby!) just a few months before grandma passed away.

Happy Birthay, Mom. I love you. And I know grandma loves you so much and is so very proud of you like I am.

This is grandma and her sister, Katherine (a.k.a. Aunt Kack to me). Grandma stands on the right. She was the oldest of 5 siblings. Kack is next, then Carolyn (a.k.a. Aunt Sue to me), then Butch, and then Glenda (who is pictures above with my mom). Of course Glenda was not born yet . . . she and mom are just a year apart in age!


Erin said...

What a beautiful tribute to your mom for her birthday!

Louise said...

What a sweet tribute to your mom...she must be so proud!!
Happy Birthday to her!!

Michelle said...

Let me begin with saying Happy Birthday to Momma W! :) And, secondly, what a touching and well written tribute!! So very sweet!

Cerella said...

Happy Birthday Valerie's Momma! I cannot BELIEVE how much little Maia looks like her in that first photo! A complete clone! :)

it's me, Val said...

I know, Cerella, isn't that funny?!?! I love it that you saw that! Sometimes I think Maia looks more like her than she looks like me.

I also forgot two other b-days. My friend, Jamie, her daughter, Ashley, turned 12 today, and I had the pleasure of spending the day with Ashley, her sis Hannah, and her mommy, J. We had a good time. Happy 12th b-day Ashley! We're proud of you.

It's also Jamie's mom's birthday! Now get THIS. Jamie and I were born on the same day, same hospital! And then our mamma's were born on the same day as each other?! Crazy, indeed.

Jen said...

you are truely blessed
wonderful photos

Alexis Jacobs said...

Happy birthday mom! Your mom rocks :)

Melanie said...

Happy Birthday to your mom! What an awesome tribute to her. You have certainly been blessed.

lil ole' me..... said...

Happy Birthday to your Mom!
What a great post Val. It brings tears to my eyes to hear you describe your relationship with your Mom because it reminds me so much of mine. I am so glad that the two of you share such a special Mom. Let your mom know that I think she did a wonderful job of raising such an amazing daughter!!!
(Love the pictures too!)

Jo said...

What wonderful words about your mom! Your mom is one great lady! And she is lucky to have YOU as a daughter! :) Happy Birthday to your mom!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks sweetie for your kind words. You made ny birthday so very special. But the only thanks I ever need is for you to continue to care for and cherish your children the way you have since they were born. I love you and love our "friendship". You have a "wonderful" family that I adore. Please continue to love them the way you have always been loved.

Love, Mom