Ramblings from Life is Challenging YOU.

Make her happy . . . go join her challenge. (Some of you already have . . . Michelle, Corie, Jamie, Erin . . . anyone else??)

She'd love for you to participate in her book challenge. Summer Reading Challenge, I think it is called. Sounds like a very cool challenge. I would love to join it. I love love love to read. But my life is so busy, I can't find time to pick up a book. I'm either chasing kids, cleaning my house for showings, leaving the house for showings, shooting pictures, or working in my dungeon glued to Photoshop at my computer. I love my life, but seriously wish I had an hour to read. I guess if I forced myself, but once I make it to bed at midnight or 1, I'm ready to catch some zzz's to wake up to another glorious day! :c)

So, instead, I challenge you to be challenged. And tell me what your very favorites are. Maybe then I will read? I have bookcases full of unread books. I love chick lit, so if/when you get done with something that you think would strike my fancy, please do let me know and I'll add it to my un-read collection. One day I will get to it. It may be when my kids are in college, but at least then it will really be a gift and a pleasure!

Have fun!

{Wait, I just had a thought. Can parenting magazines count? Or photography ones? That's about all I read these days. I'm also working on Erin's book :c) Hey . . . I do read!!}


Alexis Jacobs said...

Awwww thanks :) You'll have time to read someday soon. I promise. :)

Chel said...

I feel the same way! I love to read, but it seems like I never get the chance. I keep a book in the van, though, so that when we're on the way back and forth to see family, the kids watch movies and I read while Mike listens to the XM. It's not much, but I'll take what I get.

But... you should try Debbie Macomber's "Blossom Street" series... really sweet and easy to read.

Chel said...

Oh, and if it weren't for magazines, I'd get very little reading done at all. And I generally hate parenting magazines (with the exception of "Cookie") because they make me feel like a lousy parent, and I suppose that flipping through the latest "In Style" doesn't really count as reading... more like a grown-up girl's picture book. But still.

Jamie said...

I think reading is something that gets better as your kids get older. Sad for us they hit an age where they don't really need us to watch every single thing they do. But you definatly need to pick up anything by Nicholas Sparks when you do get a chance. They go by soo fast, and are the BEST.

it's me, Val said...

I've read probably 1/2 of his books already. I do love him and have a few more here I still need to read. He is excellent, yes!

Chel said...

I love Sparks, but you have to remember that you're going to sob by the end of it. I try not to read his books if I'm already a little sad.