Thoughts residing in my head right now.

* I have to pick out a new comforter set for both Noah and Maia. Noah says he wants dinosaurs. I'm thinking plain ol' white or pink for Maia. We'll be switching Noah to his full-size bed and Maia to a twin. I can't (well, I don't want to) pick out paint for their walls until I have exact matches to their bedding. I know, I'm anal in that way. (So, I really think this is cute. It's Pirates, though. But I think I can add some dinosaurs in there. He already saw this and really liked it. I think matching wall color would be fun and he'd like this theme for years to come. But I also found this which is similar but way cheaper, and just about as cute. I am having troubles finding dinosaurs that I like in a full size. Your thoughts?)

* I really really really want my computer back. Or, at this point, any computer. If it has to be new, so be it. I'll just be even more in debt. Sigh. Since I have to have a mac (all my software is for a mac) and since I have to have a computer that is fast but has a lot of storage capacity (it seriously is a must with what I do), and *if* I have to buy a new one, I will probably get this one. I just pray I can do a lot of biz this year to pay for it. *deep breath* (Fellow mac-ies, what do you use?)

* I need to return a cable to a photography place (Tallyn's) in Peoria because it didn't fit in my lighting system and I'm waiting to hear back from the place first to see if they even have what I am needing. (Please respond to me! Please. You are usually so quick. Don't let me down now!)

* I need to make a list of all the places that I need to do change of address for. The ones that I know there will be dozens (probably hundreds) of, are my work-related contacts, businesses, catalogs, vendors, etc. Ugh. I almost forgot about doing this.

* We begin painting on the new house the 6th. I will be doing most of it myself. Any ideas on how to keep my kids entertained (in a house that has absolutely nothing in it yet) and not be in my way? (You and I both know they'll want to "help" and then would make a huge mess doing so. They're kids. It happens. What can I do to distract them for long periods of time?)

* I get to see Jenny-Jen on Saturday!! She is coming "home" from Hattiesburg, MS. I cannot wait to see her. It's almost been an entire year. We're having lunch and shopping. Girls day out, no kids! I have missed her so much.

* Packing up my office, especially packing up all my client files, old negatives, etc., is going to be a tremendous job. I'm already in denial that it has gotta be done. I can just pick up the office and move it like it is, right? The file cabinets. Man, that will be a huge job. How do you recommend I do that? (I've never had to move my business before!)

* I want to be back on vacation.

* I need to go through all the magazines that I have not read in months and months and throw them out because I am not moving them to the new house. I guess I will get off of here and do that next. Anyone in need of Parents, Child or Family Fun? I want to read them, but I never ever have time to. I'd honestly rather read a book. I'm discontinuing my subscriptions to save some trees and piles of waste collecting in my house :c) (Btw, did you know that Child is discontinuing it's magazine? I love that 'zine, too. Parents is taking over it's subscriptions. Shoot, that stinks. But they will still have their great website packing with parenting info.)

* My list of to-do's and thoughts going through my head is just way way too long.


oh amanda said...

Oh, packing! Fun times.

I have a MacBook. But I don't use it for as much as you do.


it's me, Val said...

Fun times as in "giggle giggle ha ha" or fun times as in "ho-hum is this over yet?" :c)

oh amanda said...

ho-hum. sorry. ;)

and how 'bout this for Noah or Maia. It's not your themes but I just thought it was so cute:


it's me, Val said...

Oh my gosh, YOU KNOW ME WELL, I LOVE those! :) (Yes, I'm screaming it ;c)) I love the around the world and the asian girl ones A LOT. I was already thinking bright pinks or reds for her room. She already has vintage-y things, but I think those things would fit with those, do you? Hmmm...now I have to totally rethink. Thanks, a ;)

Deep Sea is GREAT for Noah, too. I so don't know what to do now. so I was hoping someone would have some great ideas. THANK YOU. I have been looking and looking for something different, simple, yet me, and I guess since there isn't a search engine called "Valerie", it was hard for me to find something ;)

We're packing away right now, so coming to my puter to find your fun link made my evening. Now the ho-hum thing Im not so excited about, but I kinda figured that was your tone ;)

Jen said...

you do sound like your going to be busy

enjoy Saturday wont you

praying for you

Alexis Jacobs said...

Ahhhh girlie break out the post it notes :) I tell you they are a moving gal's best friend.