The stork plans to deliver again!

Blogging frenzy for me again, I know. I can't help it. I've been away too long and have too much to talk about! So bear with me on these days when I have time to blog. I may go overboard, but well, you have missed me, right?

I have some of the most exciting news ever! My brother-in-law and sister-in-law are preggie again!!!!
Look, a baby bump is emerging!

I knew it when we were on vacation in Georgia. Actually, that's when I found out. It was a sweet moment as Michelle said, with some tears in her eyes, how hard it was flying out there because she had to use the puke bag for the first time. But what a great reason to have to use it, right?! When I was sick, it was always a refreshing memory, like a reminder from God, that my baby was safe and growing perfectly inside my womb.

It was funny, because when it was known to me, Brad couldn't even look at me. I think (knowing him and knowing his brother --- my hubby! --- and how they act) he was afraid he'd cry. He was pretty excited, I could tell.

And talk about excited, so are WE!! We get to be an aunt and uncle again and my kids get to have another cousin to grow up with and share memories with. And come February, I will have a new niece or nephew to hold in my arms! I am selfishly wanting them to have a boy because Noah does not have any other boy cousins and I don't have a nephew, and I so badly want one! But of course, if it's a little girl, nothing can stop me from buying more frilly pink things or passing down something of Maia's.

I so hated knowing when it wasn't told to others yet, because I wanted to tell!! But I think I did a good job at keeping that secret safe. It's funny though, how some things you just want to shout to the world :c)

Congrats again, to my very special brother and sister. We love you guys so much and wish only good things throughout this pregnancy, once baby C is here and forever more. Oh I love babies! And oh how I love my nieces! I can't wait for one more. See you in a couple months! Give big huggies to my favorite little niece. And Maia said to tell her "El-la" hi :c)


Michelle said...

Awww thanks!! We are so excited and so happy to be able to share our happy news with everyone now!! You made me cry yet once AGAIN! :)


oh amanda said...

Congrats! I was surprised when my niece was born how fiercely I loved her! I wish my bro/sil would get around to having #2!

Jen said...

yaye your going to be an aunty again :)

Jo said...

OMG!!! So great!!!! Congrats Michelle and Brad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!