Squeezing in a 'hello' & update

Site should be up this week! Yay!! I put in my request to "go live", so we'll see how long it takes! Yippee yay yay yay!!!!!

I'm having mega Internet troubles, though. Apparently many people in my town are. So we're on a waiting list to get fixed. Ugh, ugh, ugh. My signal is hit or miss. The tech guy was just here so he has it connected for the time being, but he said it could "just go" at any time. So, if you email me and don't here back in reasonable time, that is why! He said it could be a WEEK before it's fixed. Oh my goodness . . . a week?! I'm sure everyone has reasons why they need to be online, but I think mine is pretty valid -- I WORK online . . . all my photos go online and my ordering takes place partially online. I NEED the Internet. It stinks how much we rely on technology in this way. But what other choices do I have? Not many. This is the only Internet company that my teeny town has. So I have to wait and wait and wait and twiddle my thumbs and put more of my work on hold even that much longer. Just when I thought I was getting caught up and doing so well, too. Ahhhh well.

When my site does "go live", I will be finding a way to let you all know even if that means a special trip into town to a coffee shop that has wireless. It's going to be so exciting! I am just so so proud of how it has turned out thus far. I hope you will be also.

Oh! Some other really cool bits of news ---

I heard from my brother last night and he helped create a video that will be on MTV's TRL for The Chain Gang _______ (something-or-other). I'm super excited for him even though I have no idea who the group is?! (R&B or Rap, I'm assuming??)

And I found out, just this week, that a relative in our family is preggie and so is a friend of mine AND another friend just had her baby girl named Ryleigh. Congrats April and Carey! And our friends, Brian and Melissa, had their first baby girl just last week and I get to see her tomorrow when I do her newborn shoot @ just ONE WEEK OLD! Babies just keep comin' from every direction and it makes me so happy! When does a baby not make a person smile?

And the best news of all. Noah has successfully went to school 3 days in a row. No "I-don't-want-to-go-to-school"s and absolutely no complaints or whines. He went every day with a smile and returned with an even bigger smile. I hope this is a beginning of good things for him in school. (I really really really really hope.)

Talk to you again soon . . . who knows when?!


SuperMom said...

Well, hurry back! You're missed!

Michelle said...

Glad to see your back! :) Hope they can get the internet issues figured out.

I am so happy to hear that Noah has been doing so much better at the going to school thing! Good news!! :)

Anonymous said...

regarding those internet problems...that's what you get for moving to a small town, shoulda stayed on Westlawn!:)hehe

Alexis Jacobs said...

Hope you are back up and running soon. I'm sure the site will be awesome :)

Johanna said...

Can't wait to see the site girly girl!!! Hope your internet business is fixed soon!

mama2dibs said...

As I told another friend. Gotta love technology. Gotta hate technology. Grr!

As for Noah, hooray! Sometimes it's sad to see them grow up, other times...hip hip hooray!!

Jen said...

hope the internet problems dont cause you too many headaches
its a pain isnt it

well done to Noah :)
what a good boy

Randi said...

Hope the Internet problems are fixed real soon for ya! And CONGRATS on the upcoming new site!

Erin said...

I cannot wait to see your new site. Very exciting! And I'm very, very, happy that Noah seems to be having a better time of it at school.

Louise said...

WOW baby world over there!! Makes for GREAT pics!!
So happy to hear about Noah!!! Way to go buddy!

oh amanda said...

yay, Noah!!