Winning tagline & my new design

I'm coming out of hiding for a minute to show you my new logo! (Can I "unground" myself?) I just finished it which is why I just have to share. My kids and the dog are not good judges of these things, and they don't "get" my excitement in the least. I'm very happy with it and I think it will fit in well (no, perfect!) with my new site, my biz cards, everything! And check out the kick-booty tagline. Isn't it dandy? Amy is so smart. And she's helping me with a few other ideas, too. She's the only one who has seen my new site! Haha, the rest of you have to wait, but soon soon soon. And I cannot WAIT. Hoping Alexis can help me out a bit with my wording. That's her forte', you know? 'c) I have so many talented friends!
{you can see it much much better if you click on the logo}

Now back to the drawing board. Almost literally. My computer is my drawing board. I would have never ever thought that my love of art would bring me to designing from a computer. I love it and now I'm working on my new business card. Now I know why I hired my very talented friend, Matt, to do my last card and website -- it's takes many many hours tedioiusly working hard on paper and at the computer. Any advice, dear friend, Matt? (You're a genius, by the way. I am not sure how you did/do it!)

Hope to be sharing the card with you soon, too. Or perhaps I'll make that a surprise, too? Nahhh . . . I'll be nice 'c)

Oh, Oh, Oh, OH! One of my very best friends in the entire world, who happens to be my sister (in-law) called me last night with the BEST NEWS!

She and her daughter, Ella (along with new baby dootle still cookin' inside), are coming HOME in middle October to visit! And they'll be at our kids' birthday parties and my Halloween Part-tay! I'm sooooo excited! I haven't seen them since June! And then I'm spoiled because I get to see them again in November and in December -- I've been doing a happy dance since I talked to her last night.

Also, tonight I'm going out with two girlfriends shopping and to dinner. I so can't wait. Without kids. What could be better? Maybe a drinky-drink? Yeah, that sounds about right.


Paulick Fam said...

Val, it looks great! If this is the introduction to the site, I can't wait to see the rest of it.

Jen said...

looks good :)

and how exciting that your SIL is going to come to visit you

have an awesome night tonight too

Chel said...

The new logo is just lovely! That's fabulous! Go, you!

I am always so impressed with your ability to create new things for your blog and website. I sometimes want to change my blog scenery, but I have none of the skills needed. If Blogger wasn't as easy as it is, I'd be out of bloggin' business. :)

Louise said...


Exciting news about your sis in law...she'll get to meet Erin too!! We were talking about you today me and Erin that is...we were saying that you are going to have a BLAST!! She was telling me about all the treats she is bringing you...fun fun!!

Randi said...

Looks great and very professional;) I like it!

Michelle said...

Looks great! I expected nothing less, of course! :)

I am so excited about the trip back to IL too! :):)

Jennifer said...

looks great....as I knew it would!

can't wait to see the rest..oh and the HOUSE too!?

MP said...


VWC...the font is a little difficult to read..just cause the V and W are very similar letters and they kind of run together..

You did ask that we be honest didn't you..

Ok now I feel horrible..

Well I think it looks awesome and the tag line works perfect!

Jamie said...

Val its so pretty!! Love love it you are so fab!

Kelly said...

That's a fantastic logo...good luck!

Erin said...

Very, very, very great!!! Love it, Val. I can't wait to see the site and the cards. And that's so exciting that Chel is going to be there! More people to meet. And silly Louise telling my secrets, it's going to be so fun ;)

ErinFiat said...

Love the new logo. :)

it's me, Val said...

Hey, thanks girls! I tweaked it a little bit and made certain parts of the fonts larger and changed one font and changed the positioning a tiny bit, but it's still very similar. You won't get to see it till the site is launched. Wish me luck that I can get done by the weekend ---- that is my goal!!!

Thanks for all the positive feedback. I love my girls! :c)

la bellina mammina said...

Love your new logo!

and it seems that you'll be busy for the coming weeks...enjoy!

lil ole' me..... said...

Yeah! I was so happy to see a new post from you! I miss you when you are gone for a week (although I completely understand!)

Love the new logo!!!

That means I will get to meet you SIL at the party! Yeah! I'll get to meet 2 fellow bloggers!!!

Enjoy your night with friends!

a wandering heart said...

That is a gorgeous logo. Very nice!!!!

Yay for girl time!

Anonymous said...

Your logo looks gorgeous. I love the font. I'm so flattered my tagline will live on forever..or for awhile anyway..on your web page and cards. I've never ever won anything before. that's given me such a kick. I can't wait to see the finished product.

Amy M.