Breakin' news

Not really. Just thought that was a cute little title for today. You'll see.

I had another morning the same as Friday with Noah. He didn't want to go, he pleaded with me to go home. His excuses were "I'm sooooo tired, mommy", or "it's so cold", and I responded, "it will be warm inside your school" and of course when we set foot in the door he said "it's coooooold in here, too" in a whiney tone. (ugh.)

I said a little prayer as I walked out the door this morning. And guess what? I was only in the school 2 minutes sitting on the floor trying to get Noah to play with one of his really good buddies, Brevin, and in walks my saint (hehe), Leann, who is normally not on schedule but running a tad bit late (love ya, Leann!), but not today!

I said, "today is going to be another day like Friday", and she said, "no it's not, I'm here." So, somehow I snuck out while Leann stayed on the floor with Noah trying to get him to play with Brevin and her daughter, Kristin. I got in the car and what a relief I felt come over me. The fact that I was able to leave without hearing screams as I stood outside the school door was amazingly peaceful. Now, I know Leann may not be there every day, but I really think she was my angel in disguise today.

I had a really great weekend and I hope you did also.

Originally we were going to go to Chuck-E-Cheese on Saturday with my friends, Heather, Lee and Cole, but, well, that didn't work out with the behavior I encountered on Friday (I'm a mother who is following through with discipline -- yay me). So, instead we all went to an estate auction of my adopted grandma's, Marie.

Marie passed away in May. I had known her all my life. I posted about her death a while back. Her estate auction was finally on Saturday.

I wanted really badly to get some things of hers. (Well, some I already did get . . . one very important thing which she had "left" for just for me. I'll post about that later -- it's so incredibly special!). And two of those things were an old (old) chair that I had always grown up sitting in, and an old Brownie camera. But while there, I got way way way into being the cool passive bidder (ha ha, yeah right. I was the one waving my number way up high in the air for all to see. How inconspicious I was ---- not!) and bid on a lot of things.

I'd see things that I remembered . . . and you know how I am with memories. So I bid on them. Or I'd see things I didn't know she had and felt the urge to have myself -- usually old vintage things -- and then I'd bid on those, too. So I walked away with a lot. And I was happy. Very happy. Still am.

People rarely bid against me and I think it's because I was a young female (I'm still young, right?) bidding against tons and tons of old farmer men and perhaps I made them feel insecure or maybe they were just shocked? I doubt it, really. I'm sure they were just being incredibly nice. That's just how farmers are. So I had a really really great time.

And then I walked through Marie's house one last time. Talk about memories. I stood in the living room and could vividly picture all her furniture in it, my brother and I sitting on the floor playing, and Marie sitting in "her" la-z-boy chair watching us and watching us when suddenly she would blurt out something that was on her mind and usually it was something sarcastic that I just didn't "get". But as I grew older, I did learn what a funny, very blunt, yet very loving and caring woman she was. It was great going down memory lane. I miss her.

Oh! So what I won! The two biggest things ----- my camera (for $3!, no kidding!), which I'm guessing is probably from the 1930's or 40's. And then MY CHAIR! So I'll post pics one day when I actually take them. I got some other really cool finds which my vintage-loving friends will really adore.

So my breakin' news is this. I need to take another break. I must. I spend way too many mornings and afternoons on my computer on the internet and not in photoshop like I should be doing. I would be ahead, instead of behind, if I'd just attribute those hours to my work. So that's what I'm doing again. I have to get caught up because in just a few weeks I'm having my Halloween party, which as of now, I'm totally not prepared for AT ALL. When are we ever prepared, really? But this is a big party . . . and it keeps getting bigger . . . so I need, no MUST, work a little bit harder or I will never ever be caught up.

I leave you with a picture of the honeysuckle that has (over) grown on our deck. Isn't it pretty? Once the blooms are gone, I'm cutting it all down. It's way too overtaken. But it's quite beautiful.
Have a great week, my friends!


MP said...

Take a break from the blog..live a little..don't forget about Grandma when you get back..I know they are going to get engaged soon!

I took time to look at your photography site, which I hadn't for a while..WOW..that is art. Just beatiful. You have such an eye.

Congrat's Amy!

I went to my dad's cousin's house when they had their estate sale. Hazel and John were a childless couple..going through the house was HARD...I broke down by the time I hit the sidewalk. I don't think I'll be going to estate sales where I have that kind of history again...

"talk to you soon!"

oh amanda said...

Can't wait to see the vintagey stuff! And take a break, but don't forget me! I want to know what's going on with you!! love you for real!

(ps--I'm calling Oprah today and she refuses to answer. she's really getting on my nerves!)

Chel said...

We'll miss you, but it's a smart woman who knows when to pull back and when to push forward. Good luck with the work stuff!

lil ole' me..... said...

I will miss you in the blog world... but I am proud of you for taking a break to get some other things done.
(I completely blame you for the hours I spend blogging and reading blogs, by the way....) :)

Can't wait to see the things you got at the estate sale. Oh, and good for you, with sticking to the discipline thing!

Mmmmm... I can almost smell the honeysuckle.

Jen said...

bless Leann
Im sure Noah will get use to it soon

sounds like you did well at the auction

have a good week my friend

Erin said...

I'm glad your angel arrived today to help you out! That's wonderful : ) And what a neat thing to go to an estate auction. I've always wanted to go to one. It must have been extra special having all the memories of the stuff you were bidding on!

It's only 1 month and 2 days till I come and then another day until your party! That's crazy!!! If you need anything that I can do from here, let me know : ) (((HUGS)))

Jen @ One Moms World said...

*hugs* Val. I hear ya on the busy work. I am swamped too. I always miss you when you don't blog though but I definitely understand.

I hope Noah continues to adjust well to school. Just know we are always here for you.


a wandering heart said...

I need to ground myself, too. PMS is making that even harder to do than usual. (sigh).

Candace & Anna said...

Hope you get all of your work done and plan the Halloween party of the year!!!

Louise said...

Glad to hear that the day went better with Noah thanks to your 'angel'!!

HOW exciting all those memories from your adopted grandma...how special and the fact that you won all the bids..that rocks!!

So happy for you!!
Hope you have a fabulous week!!!

Michelle said...

Hey, so I somehow missed this post last time I checked ;)

Glad that everything worked out and Leann was there to help you through the morning! That's awesome! :) Yeah for her!

I can't wait to see all the cool stuff you got from the auction! :)