Yahooooo, Amy!!

So my very good friend, Amy, in Phoenix, (my hubby's dearest friend's wife) won the contest! Yay, Amy! What a cool catchy thinker she is, eh? She's always been good at things like that, even though she doesn't think so. I'm waiting for Amy to send me the picture she wants put on canvas. I'm so excited to do this for her! And, this is another thing I need to get workin' on. My site. Man, does it take time and lots and lots and lots of thought and well-written phrases to get a site up and runnin'! But I'm excited to say it should be soon. I know . . . I've been saying this for like 6 months now, but really, it will be soon now. I promise.

So now let's congratulate Amy!

And thank you, friends, for all your help. You all had such great ideas! I still may incorporate some of them in somehow because I still have a few other personal faves. Stay tuned.


Johanna said...

Yay Amy!!!!!

oh amanda said...

So what was it? Did I miss it?

Anonymous said...

Aw shucks..thanks.: ) -Amy

lil ole' me..... said...

Congrats Amy.
I wish I knew which tagline you submitted..... :)

I'm anxiously awaiting your new site. (No pressure). :)