Tagline continued

I am kinda thinking that I will post *my* favorite taglines and then have a vote? Does that work? I just cannot decide! It's hard! And I came up with a few on my own, too. I really really hope no one would be offended if I used something not ideated by YOU, GREAT PEOPLE. All YOUR ideas have really helped ME in brainstorming myself. That's what I needed . . . insight into my own Mind's Eye. I always need a kick start to get my creative juices flowin'. That's just how I work. So you in for a vote?

Happy Thursday!

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oh amanda said...

Oh, a vote! I can do that. I couldn't come up with even one byline. But I can always tell you if something is stupid...or great!

And hey--you pick which one YOU like! And if no one wins, I'll take the prize! ;)