When considering your vote . . .

Why do I have to make this so complicated? Well, because I have to live with this for a long time! And what we choose has to go well with who I am, with what my pictures portray, and with my new website. Which brings me to this. What the new site looks like. There a few taglines that I think would fit great with the actual design style of my site.

The site's type is kind of a scripty-scribbly type. That's not a good explanation. A hand-written font is a better way of putting it.

And then the site has a few different backgrounds, depending on what page you are on.

One is a vintage-y wallpaper look. It's really hard to describe. The other background looks like spiral lined notebook paper. It looks like I just tore a piece of paper out of my notebook and stuck it on the site. So, with that thought in mind, I really like some of the taglines that say "documenting" or ones that just have some sort of connotation with writing/documenting/etc.

So with those thoughts in mind --- have fun voting!

{The poll will be up soon!}

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Jennifer said...

not to sure what to say at this point...none of those tag lines are jumping out at me and saying Val...sorry! I'll have to look at the again when I have more time