Lost pics update . . . and a possible job (for you or . . . someone?)

Um, well, I just told my last client. Went okay. I'm just sooooooooooooooooooo relieved.

Yesterday was a difficult day because I tried calling her and when I finally did get a hold of her, she was in the hospital . . . having the baby. So when I talked to her, she had to get off the phone right away so I wasn't able to tell her the bad news. She thought I was calling to tell her they were READY. So I (Val, owner of a photography business, which I thought was starting to have good reputation) screwed up yet another maternity session. I know she had her heart set on them. I know she did. And I feel so so so horrible.

I just got off the phone with her again. Baby is here (baby Max) and he's doing great. She's fairing okay (it was an emergency c-section and I sure know how those go - ugh, too well). She acted only a tad bit disappointed but I bet she's either cursing me out right now or bawling her head off. I just hope she really isn't going to hold it against me. She was very kind and sweet to me. She even scheduled an intimate newborn session with me next weekend.

Thanks for your prayers and good thoughts. I hope and pray this never ever happens to me again.

I'm considering hiring an assistant. I really think this may have been my "sign" that I need one. I can't stay organized without help and I am just getting so busy with my biz. If you know of anyone with good office organization skills with some photography and computer knowledge as well, please send them my way. (Or even a professional organizer??) I may just hire them on the spot!


Chel said...

Dang... wish I lived closer. I'd be a great professional organizer. :)

Artsy Momma said...

If the drive wouldnt kill me I would send you my resume but it would be well over an hour drive (probably more)since I am up here in Wisconsin.

Good luck!

Alexis Jacobs said...

I would love to do the organizing part. I love to organize! Well everyone but myself. LOL I am glad it went okay. :)

I saw some lady a few months ago that actually owned her own professional organizing company. I guess she goes to your house/work and gets you all in shape. It looked like an awesome gig.

jen said...

pleased your client was understanding

try not to bet yourself up It was an accident

and she wouldnt want you to take anymore photos if she didnt like you

Oh I wish I lived closer to you
all the best finding an assistant

oh amanda said...

I'm glad it went well telling your client. But I know you still feel awful. (((HUGS)))

Could you hire a virtual assistant? I know people who do that. It sounds cool.

Erin said...

Yay that the hardest part is over. At least she hired you to do the newborn pictures. That's a good sign that she's not cursing you out : ) Hope life gets a little smoother for you now. (((HUGS)))

amy said...

I'm glad it went okay with your client! I also pray that this trial only deepens your relationship with those clients, because they can see how deeply you care for them.

I think you described me in your last paragraph. I was a secretary or assistant to one for 4 years, love photography, minor in graphic arts and until I started my rec job in the summer, I was planning to open a professional organizing biz! :o) If you pay well enough... maybe I'll move back to Illinois and work for you!! ha, ha

Jo said...

oh man!! If I lived closer I would totally be your woman for the job!

My Semblance of Sanity said...

HOLY COW! (& hi again)
My personality is not conducive to giving this kind of news...I would have dressed up with a pillow under my shirt, stretched control-top panty hose up over the pillow and had my kids photograph it ...adding some "blur" with photoshop techniques and WHAMMO....


I have a confession to make - I SOOOO loved your blog the first time I visited and prmised to come back - I did - and I kept wondering WHY you hadn't posted anything NEW...JUST NOW I realized I had bookmarked that SPECIFIC BLOG ENTRY - not your WHOLE BLOG!

I am back - changed my bookmark - we are all good sista!!