Trail Mix & Spilled Coffee

Sorry no posts from me this week! I don't have any really good excuse except that I haven't felt motivated to blog because I've been busy with so many other things.

Sunday was my great friend, Corie's, baby shower!! It was so fun. I got to see my other dearies, Beth and Tracy and Beth's mom, "mommy Pat" and Tracy's new beautiful little girl, Abby, among other familiar faces. It was fun and Corie looked flawless and beautiful! I am so excited because she is coming back up from St. Louis next week just so I can shoot her maternity pictures! (Woot!)

While Tracy and her family were here visiting from North Carolina, I was going to shoot their family on Monday afternoon, but it ended up raining, so we postponed the shoot until they are back home again in June and July. Which actually works out better because there will be green grass, trees with leaves and flowers. Plus, Abby should be sitting up well on her own then. (Speaking of Trace, darling, you NEED a blog!)

So, I have to drive 35-40 minutes each way to the town where my chiropractor is 2-3 times a week. While I loooove him and love going because I feel so good afterwards and because I get to see my friend, Beth, each time I go, I am so tired of the driving already. I think mostly because it's so expensive for me to get there and back with gas prices the way they are. That's a lot of driving for me each week in the van. I'm not really sure what to do because I know it's really benefiting me. Anyway, that's just something on my mind.

So while in town this week for my chiro, during the time of my son's preschool, on both Monday and Wednesday, Maia and I ran errands. I bought some organizational things for my very un-functional closet (it's tiny tiny), we got a baby pressie for our friends Danielle & Dan (my roomie in college whom I've talked about who had a girl March 20th!) and we went to the cat vet and made an appointment for my cat, Heinz (yes, he's named after ketchup and if you didn't realize how much I like ketchup, welp, -----> now you do!) for his hair problem that he STILL HAS. (It's driving me completely batty.) I also dropped off some pictures at a client's home. Aren't they the cutest "clients"?

But then while at home this week, I spent a good number of hours sorting through winter clothes and adding them to the "winter clothes" boxes for storage and picking out all the items that the kids can no longer wear. Then I put out the new spring and summer things (note to file, still need to do mine) and then I piled up about 10 piles of Noah and Maia's clothes to send off to friends who can use them. We got all the stacks of clothes but 1 mailed off. So I also spent a lot of time in the United States Post Office this week. But I'm so happy to have done that because the clothes are being put to good use and they're out of my house -- the most important thing, right?! :c)

Speaking of clothes, I went through a lot of my own as well, and I have a lot to give to whomever speaks for them first. And they are a lot of very very nice things. Anyone interested?

So don't dis me for this because I cannot help my size. I'm blessed to have great metabolism because yes, I do like to eat, and yes, I eat a lot! Believe me, there are a lot of things I don't like about my body, however I am very thankful that my size is one thing I don't have to worry about ---- yet.

Before I got pregnant with Noah, I was a size 0-2. After pregnancy I was told by some people that I'd never be back into a size 0. And they were right, I wasn't right away. I began as an 8, then went down to a 4 for about 6 months, but then suddenly I could wear my 2's again. (Never say never!) They didn't fit exactly as they had before, you know how our bodies change, but the point is, they did fit! Well, since I am not having anymore babies, I have no need to hold onto these 4's. So if anyone is interested, I have probably 15 pairs of brand new J Crew jeans and dress pants and I will sell them super cheap just so I don't have to spend the time listing them on ebay! Some were worn once or twice. I also have some Gap in the pile.

It's also been a busy or exciting week for some people I know. My brother-in-law, Brad, had his birthday yesterday. Happy Birthday, Bradley. Hope you liked Ella's "pink cake"! And then Neil and Brad's cousin, Kara, had her baby boy, Spencer, on the 1st. She was 3-4 weeks early and he was close to 8 lbs and Kara is a tiny size 0 girl! I can't believe he was so big. I saw her a few days before and she didn't look that large! (Spencer must have been hiding well.) I am still waiting to see some pictures. Anyone, anyone?? Congratulations to Kara and Josh! It's their first child.

On the flip side, my friend, Jennifer, is dealing with her grandmother's body beginning to shut down (bless Jenn's mom for taking care of her dear mother), and then my dear friend, Kristin, lost her grandfather yesterday. She had a relationship with her grandpa like I did with my own. He was a fantastic person and I am so touched that I had a chance over our long years of knowing each other to have met him. Again, I'm sorry, K. It's never ever easy. And a really hard thing is, Kristin's birthday is Sunday on the day of visitation. If you know Kristin, please send her a card. I know that would be extra special for her during such a rough time in her life.

And please think of my very dear friend, Alexis, as she is on an airplane RIGHT NOW flying to Thailand for her and Matt's 10th anniversary! She is nervous and upset to be leaving her kids as they didn't make it easy on her to leave. And if you know her, you know her anxieties are already way up there. So think of her and say some extra prayers for her that they make it safely and that they have an amazing time.

Finally, know how my week has ended?? I got home from picking up Noah from preschool and I brought the kids upstairs to the kitchen for lunch. Maia got up on the island area where my laptop was open and where my old cold coffee was sitting next to it. And I'm sure you can guess what happened.

I was doing something in the sink and I kept hearing "I'm sorry, mommy, I'm sorry, mommy, I'm sorry, mommy . . . " and I turn around to the sight of spilled coffee all over my keyboard. Oh.My.Lord. And that's exactly what I said, too. I quickly turn it over and let the coffee drain out on the floor and wipe it up with a towel. I figured I'd look at the screen and see it black and dead, but it was still on!! Praise the Lord! So I'm praying still that it doesn't eventually die on me, but so far so good. Cross your fingers for me! This is a scary situation on my hands! I swear my computer luck is not good. I am usually in dire mac situations at least once a year for whatever reason.

I just hope to never ever mention spilled coffee on my computer again. Lesson learned: don't put your coffee cup near the computer and don't leave the computer open. Ever.

A photography post coming soon!!!! Maybe even today!!


Erin said...

Oh, I do hope your laptop is okay! Sounds like a busy week for you. I can't wait to see the pics you take of Corie!

Louise said...

Oh man I hope your laptop survives!!!
You have been busy...yikers!
Have a great time taking pictures of Corie can't wait to see them!

Jennifer said...

Dang, I don't think I've been a size 4 since jr high...maybe. Curious...how tall are you?

I hope your laptop continues to work okay for you!! I am so anal about what is brought around mine now that I finally got a new one. I know hubby isn't going to replace it for oh, 7-8 more years just like my last computer LOL!

it's me, Val said...

Hi Jennifer -- thanks for checking in on me today -- was happy to hear from you -- and yes, I'm very excited about the NKOTB come back! :)

I am 5'7". Is that good or bad? :c)

Christina said...

My goal is to get back in my size 4's and I love JCrew, but your too short for me, have any capri's :) I can still wear size 4 dresses, just not the pants yet, my booty grew :)

Make sure to back-up your lap top just in case!

lil ole' me..... said...

Val, Hope the laptop is surviving!!!

And, hang in there with the chiro visits, especially if they are helping you. I know that is alot of driving....

I would love some of your "4s", but I don't know if I will get back into a 4 and you are too tall for me! :)

oh amanda said...

Val, you have more friends and get togethers and fun stuff than anyone I know! :)

And poor Mac.

Chel said...

Good heavens, you have had a busy week or so, haven't you?! I'm glad you took time to give us an update. Size 4... puh-lease. :)

Alexis Jacobs said...

I love your trail mix posts. :) I spilled breast milk on my keyboard once. I wasn't so lucky. It friend that puppy. ::sigh::